Letter from the CEO

Opportunity comes in all shapes and sizes. Just like fashion.

After purchasing Made in America Apparel, Inc., an apparel manufacturing business in Los Angeles earlier this year, I encountered countless designers whose brands had enormous market appeal, yet lacked the business experience, contacts, and most importantly, access to institutional capital to take their products to the next level. We aim to change that.

Our ability to recognize a need and fill the gap began as Bitzio in 2010. Now, we’re in the process of rebranding ourselves as Democratique, an apparel brands accelerator. Beginning in early 2014, Democratique will seek emerging apparel brands to acquire, and join our “fashion democracy.” Our goal is to provide the brands we acquire with the tools for success, and propel them to profitability — while exponentially increasing our share in the booming apparel marketplace.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

We believe there’s strength in unity and diversity. The Democratique team combines extensive apparel industry expertise, with proven business acumen to identify great brands with immense growth potential. Through acquisition of quality independent labels, Democratique’s brands leverage our collective knowledge, experience, and access to capital, while benefitting from the efficiencies of centralized operations, and established sales and distribution channels.

We’ve sized up the trillion-dollar global apparel industry, and knew it was a perfect fit for our new business model. And, we’ve already begun to execute by closing a round of institutional funding, and acquiring our first brand, E-Motion Apparel.

Well positioned to identify high-potential brands and eliminate barriers to success, Democratique has the business side covered, so the brands we acquire can focus on what they do best — designing and creating high-quality, unique apparel for an eager audience.

We’re a tenacious bunch. We don’t stop until everything works.

Gordon McDougall
CEO & President